September 2010

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Dear Customers,

As you can read in this newsletter Brigantine can now also provide on-dock repair services in Yang Shan terminals through our Brigantine De Well Container Services JV.

We will continue to add new repair locations to our portfolio, both on-dock and via depot arrangement to assist you in taking cost out of your equipment flow management, by having more locations closer to the cargo sourcing.

The continuous location expansion will also make it easier for you to have a one-pont entry covering several locations. Based on our 2009 Customer Satisfaction Survey, the geographical spread and being at the right locations were indeed high on the preference list.

Brigantine will continue to adapt to our customers wishes and we will soon initiate our 2010 Customer Satisfaction Survey and I indeed hope you will give an honest and up-right feed-back, helping us in becoming better. Please also include any comments and ideas you might have going forward and we will seriously look into your suggestions and see how we can assist and add value to you.

There are several indicators telling us that the 4th quarter 2010 might see a flattening of the container requirement, so I would also like to remind you that Brigantine is very much interested in buying off your older containers should you have a need to sell off the units. Let us know and I am confident we can reach an acceptable agreement valuable for both of us.

Thank you for your business and continuous support.


Yours faithfully,

Paul Erik Andersen
Chief Commercial Officer






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BDCS Started On-dock EMR Service in SGICT

BDCS (Brigantine Dewell Container Service Co., Ltd.) has done EMR on-dock services inside SECT for more than 1 year since 1st April, 2009 and earned a good reputation in SIPG (Shanghai International Port Group) for good quality, professional management and harmonious customer relationship.

BDCS has reached an agreement with SGICT (Shanghai Guangdong International Container Terminal Co., Ltd.)  for on-dock container- release and EMR services since 1st August 2010 to allow BDCS to expand our on-dock services into Yang Shan Terminal.


SGICT, a subsidiary of SIPG, manages the daily operation of the No.3 and No.4 terminals in Yang Shan deep-sea port area. The quay with a length of 2,600 meters comprises of 7 post-Suez class berths which can accommodate mega vessels with dead-weight between 70,000 - 150,000 Tons. The annual throughput capacity is above 5 millions TEUs. 

Compared with off-dock EMR service, on-dock EMR service will bring more value to liners and other customers.

First thing is on cost-control. For off-dock repair, Lines must have containers trucked into off-dock depots where the damaged containers could be repaired. If repair is conducted on-dock, damaged containers can be directly positioned into on-dock EMR facility for repair. Thus, trucking cost is saved as well as lift on and lift off cost can also be saved. It also decreases potential risk of container damage during on-truck and off-truck loads.

Secondly, lines can benefit from increased equipment turn-over rate. Sound containers in the terminal are released to shippers directly. Damaged containers are repaired within the terminal and then released to shippers which will eliminate idle time and increase efficiency.

In the third place, on-dock EMR and container-release bring more convenience to lines in operation. For example container-handling equipment will travel less distance and containers can be more easily ready for repair or release. In addition, EDI will be more efficient and prompt as the process of container trucked into off-dock depot is omitted. All of these will enhance liners or container-owners better controlling their assets of containers.

Lastly, intermodal service can be improved as well. Empty-containers into hinterland cities or river ports are mostly transshipped in Shanghai, as a major hub port. On-dock service setup shall facilitate intermodal empty container transshipment into hinterland area. This will improve their in-land service and as a result in-land shippers shall benefit from higher equipment availability. Also if the repair capacity and/or quality is lacking in the inland location, the containers can be repaired on-dock to ensure only sound containers are positioned into the inland shippers.

As a wholly new service in Shanghai, on-dock EMR and container-release service will bring values to customers. At the time being, several Lines have seen the benefits and are negotiating with SGICT and BDCS for on-dock services. BDCS is expecting to bring more values to more customers, who shall benefit from the on-dock services and achieve cost-leadership with BDCS quality service.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our on-dock services:
Mr. Tony Tang
Fax:86-21-61820136 Or

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Hapag Lloyd a New Customer of Brigantine Services Taiwan


Brigantine Services Taiwan is pleased to welcome Hapag Lloyd as a new customer using our depot and EMR services in Kaohsiung.

An early challenge in the co-operation was that the IT system at Hapag Lloyd was conflicting with the Brigantine system. To get started in time a quick solution was required and the IT staff successfully created an independent network area which did not impact any of the systems negatively.

The solution has lead Brigantine Services Taiwan to servicing our newest customer in Kaohsiung with a tailor-made set-up.

It is Brigantine Group’s pledge to all our customers that we provide high quality, fast turnover of repaired containers and good depot and EMR services at market competitive rates.

We thank Hapag Lloyd for their trust in Brigantine.


Michael Han
Tel         : +886 7 823 7769
Fax        : +886 7 821 0448


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