October 2010

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Dear Customers

At the very end of September Brigantine had the honor of paying host to our new shareholders represented by Mr. Kim Fejfer, CEO of APM terminals. Mr. Fejfer visited our facility in Yuen Long, Hong Kong and had a tour at the depot and repair premises followed by a discussion with the senior management of Brigantine and a town hall meeting for the staff.

It was encouraging to be reconfirmed in our strategy going forward and obtain full backing from our shareholders. It re-assured us that we are here to help you dear Customer, to take cost out of your infrastructure and equipment flow management as mentioned in our last newsletter. We will continue our expansion making it easier for you to grow your business through one repair point of contact.

The 2010 Customer Satisfaction Survey is on the street. We appreciate your honest feed-back, helping us in becoming better.

It seems our prediction from last month is holding water and we see the stacks of containers growing in China and more units being off-hired. We will be there to assist with the off-hire repairs and continue to expand our capacities to cope with the growth of empty containers being ready export wise for a hopefully good 2011.

Again please be reminded that Brigantine is very much interested in buying off your older containers should you have a need to sell off the units. Let us know and I am confident we can reach an acceptable agreement valuable for both of us.

Thank you for your business and continuous support.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Erik Andersen
Chief Commercial Officer

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Reefer Container Services – New Customer “Yu Fung Depot”


Brigantine Taiwan is very pleased to provide the special services of reefer box repairs for Yu Fung Depot from now on.

Yu Fung is the biggest capacity depot in Kaohsiung area.  Their customers are container leasing companies and shipping lines.  Nowadays, most of the depots provide the container services for dry box; but in cooperation with Brigantine Taiwan, Yu Fung has the capability of repair and maintenance for reefer box containers as well. So going forward Yu Fung will provide both dry and reefer repair services to their customers.

The first batch requiring reefer box repair has been received from TS Lines in connection with their off-hiring.

It is Brigantine Group’s pledge to all our customers that we provide high quality, fast turnover of repaired containers and good depot and EMR services at market competitive rates.


Michael Han
Tel         : +886 7 823 7769
Fax        : +886 7 821 0448


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