Container Services
We began operations in 1989 offering dry container repair and refurbishment services. When Maersk established Pier 120 in 1992, we took over their reefer services and yard equipment maintenance. In 1993, we started with reefer box repairs and since then we have expanded rapidly to cover all types of equipment maintenance services.

1. Refurbishment : We refurbish all types of equipment.

2. Reefer box repair: We repair all types of damages.
Reefer box repair

  • Repair underway

  • Panel roller welding

  • Bracing before foaming

  • Inner bracing

  • Panel sandwich machine

3. Dry and specials repairs: We repair all types of damages.
Dry and specials repair 

  • Reefer modifies to stuffie container

  • Example of repair of collapsible flat racks

4. Reefer unit service: Fully capable of providing complete services on all types of reefer unit machines.
Reefer technical services

  • Pti & monitoring area

  • Trouble shooting

  • Super freezer buffer tank leak hunting

  • Electrical control box repair
5. Power pack/Genset M/R: Specialized in maintenance of power packs and genset.
Power pack/Genset M/R

  • Genset repair

  • Power pack

  • Power pack repair

6. Tank container repair, inspection and certification: We perform tank repairs and periodical tank inspection certification
Tank container repair, inspection and certification

  • Tank

  • Valves

  • Test rig