Health Safety Security and Environment line

Safety, Health & Environment Policy Brigantine Taiwan was established in 1989. The main businesses we have handled are selling/purchasing, and repairing the container as well as producing, installing, maintaining and repairing the equipment. It is the long term goal of our company to make the best efforts in ensuring environmental, safety and security management. We have currently brought staff awareness of these targets in HSSE to ensure that there is zero accident, "a high belief in safety, environmental protection and qualification and honesty." Our HSSE policy therefore consist of the following commitment -


  • Provide the best training of safety, health and environment to the staff so as to have their concept strengthened continuously.

  • Conform to the safety, health and environment legislation of Taiwan and meet the requirements from the relevant interested parties.

  • Identify hazards and assess risks in the workplace and achieve zero accident through engineering controls.

  • Minimize the impact on environment, fulfill to preserve energy, minimize waste and prevent pollution.

  • Establish the channel of communication between staff and company for safety, health and environment. Strengthen the belief and awareness in all staff and of individual obligation to safety, health and environment.

  • Provide the required resources to implement and review periodically the safety, health and environment policy, whether appropriate or otherwise and persist to improve objectives and KPIs.